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Integrative MASSAGE...
Integrated Massage artfully combines Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure etc., to create a unique healing experience, designed to meet the clients specific needs and concerns.
60Min. $75.00
90Min. $105.00
120Min. $150.00
Ancient Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C. This stimulating therapy form plays an important role in "TCM". It is
applied to various diseases and does not only work on the
affected skin areas but on organs and the entire organism. Immune boosting, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Knee pain, Asthma (just to name a few) treatments are available.
60 min. $95 (includes, essential oils, feet, hands, head and neck treatment)
20 min. (Add-On) $35
"MFR" Myofascial Release
MayoFascialRelease as taught by master practitioner John F. Barns is a gentle and non violent from of releasing pain and aiding the healing process of injured and/or traumatized tissues. Proven to aid: Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Disc Problems, Sciatica, TMJ and many more.
60Min. $75.00
90Min. $105.00
is based on traditional Chinese Medicine and uses light touch applied mindfully to meridian "acupoints" in formulated sequences specific to the needs of the individual. This will assist in balancing the flow of Chi (Life-Force-Energy) and balance the Organ Meridians throughout the body.
60Min. $65.00
90Min. $95.00
Similar to Acupressure, Shiatsu is a unique Japanese healing modality that involves rhythmic pressure point application along the meridian lines. This encourages the bodies throughout the body's healing ability and prevent the procession of disease.
60Min. $65.00
"Usui Holy Fire" REIKI...
is an ancient Japanese healing technique and perfect for the individual that may prefer not being directly touched.
This hands-on or hands-off modality utilizes techniques to promote balance in the body, mind and spirit. Great for injuries, relaxation, chakra and energy balancing.
Available as ADD-ON!
60Min. $65.00
Add-On (30 min.) $35.00
utilizes smooth, hand picked and heated river stones, laid out in patterns on the body in combination with Massage & Aromatherapy.
This Native American inspired hot-stone treatment will help you sooth tired/fatigued muscles and relax the mind. This is a treat!
90Min. $135.00
is a GREAT ADD-ON to any massage!
Our feet are a mirror image of our bodies. The 60min. Reflexology treatment utilizes pressure applied to specific areas on the feet and hands to invite a healing response in corresponding areas of the body. This session begins with a relaxing and soothing foot bath (not included in Integrated Massage unless a ADD-ON).
60Min. $65.00
Add-On (20 min.) $25.00
Aromatherapy is a profound and powerful healing tool that TOUCH.. now decided to offer to you free of charge. We choose to use only HIGH FREQUENCY/QUALITY, ORGANIC, AND SUSTAINABLY SOURCED OILS from Floracopeia. Smell and feel the difference!
(Oils may be available for puchase).
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